The Bill Thomas Cheetah

The Cro-Sal Special

The Cro-Sal Special was so named after Gene Crowe and Ralph Salyer, the car's mechanic and owner, respectively, who converted it to the one and only Cheetah roadster, a distinction which it retains today.


The Cro-Sal Special in the pits, racing in its original coupe form.

Here is a brief article from the July NRSCCA newsletter in July '64:


A rare rear-view of the Cro-Sal Special - pre-roadster. 


The two Cheetahs visible in the background are the Cro-Sal Special and the Clusserath car at the first USRRC in Agusta, GA in early 1964. 

At Road America with the Clusserath car (Cro-Sal is the background)


Len Frank drove the Cro-Sal for Chuck Brahms at Monterey in 1991.  Len and Chuck were both the finest of people.


The Cro-Sal Special makes the cover of the Wilmont Hills SCCA entry form as a roadster 

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