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We have listed some sites which we find useful. Sites that encourage discussion have good information, or quality pictures. Please feel free to submit sites that you like to us for inclusion on this page. Also, please contact us if you would like to add us to your site.




Historic MotorSports Association


Tam's Old Race Car Site-

(Check out the "What's New" Link)


Bob Dunsmore Photography

Vintage Motorsports Photographer (current events-classic cars)

E-mail at :


Now Live

- Bill Thomas Motors- the web site of the Bill Thomas family


Allen Kuhn

Vintage Photos of Motorsports

(classic cars at classic events)


(check out the Outlaws page) 

The Journal of Motor Racing History

Collector Car Law by a Vintage Car driver


Vintage Auto Racing Association


Marsh Models

diecast & scale models

Old Yeller 2 - The Official Site