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Fred's first CalClub drivers school August 4, 1963. 1959 Corvette. We had to be careful how we took the picture to hide the hole in the left rear fender and the primer on the right front fender.  The second picture is Fred (#100) in his first licensed race, Santa Barbara 1963 (courtesy Allen Kuhn)



Fred's 1957 Corvette, next to the Dixon Cadillac Cheetah, Memorial Day, 1965


  The '57 drag racing as "The Itchy Foot Moose" at Ramona Raceway San Diego CA 1967. "D" Stock Sports. 13.01 sec @ 106.14 


Fred in his '57 at Monterey, 1979


Fred driving the Cheetah in the LA Street Race, 1997.


Fred in the Cheetah at Monterey



                   Jeni in Fred's '57 at Monterey...                                       A quite moment in the pits at Monterey 2002
Jeni & Dad's Corvette: some things truly are in the blood


  Dad always taught me the important things!



         Coronado 2002   ...(courtesy Allen Kuhn)                  2005 at the Monterey Historics (after beating my personal best by 3 seconds!) 

with Leslie in the background 




 Coronado, 2005. . . . Porsche - what Porsche?